Lesson Plans and Activities

Unit 1:  Skeena Salmon

Lesson 1.1:  The Life & Times of Skeena Salmon
Lesson 1.2:  Skeena Salmon Species
Lesson 1.3:  The Salmon Forest

Unit 2:  Exploring the Skeena Watershed

Lesson 2.1:  What is a Watershed?
Lesson 2.2:  My Watershed, My Home: Discover the Skeena Watershed
Lesson 2.3:  Healthy Watershed, Healthy Salmon: Be the Solution

Unit 3:  Salmon Struggles: Impacts, Threats and Solutions

Lesson 3.1:  Climate Change & Skeena Salmon
Lesson 3.2:  Industrial Development
Lesson 3.3:  Salmon Farming
Lesson 3.4:  Harvesting Methods
Lesson 3.5:  Salmon Struggles and How We Can Help

Unit 4:  Cultural Connections

Lesson 4.1:  First Peoples and Skeena Salmon
Lesson 4.2:  Settlers and Skeena Salmon