Lesson Plans

SkeenaWild has developed several lesson plans which adhere to the tenets of British Columbia's new curriculum standards - they are inquiry-based, place-based, promote experiential learning, provide descriptions of hands-on activities, and incorporate local Indigenous perspectives.  These lesson plans provide educators with relevant background information, key definitions, suggested activities, and links to additional resources.

Unit 1:  Skeena Salmon

Lesson 1.1:  The Life & Times of Skeena Salmon
Lesson 1.2:  Skeena Salmon Species

Unit 2:  Exploring the Skeena Watershed

Lesson 2.1:  What is a Watershed?
Lesson 2.2:  My Watershed, My Home: Discover the Skeena Watershed
Lesson 2.3:  Healthy Watershed, Healthy Salmon: Water Quality Testing (coming soon)
Lesson 2.4:  Healthy Watershed: Healthy Salmon:  Be the Solution (outdoor field trip)

Unit 3:  Salmon Struggles: Impacts, Threats and Solutions

Lesson 3.1:  Climate Change & Skeena Salmon (coming soon)
Lesson 3.2:  Consensus Decision Making: The Lakelse Sockeye Case Study

Unit 4:  Cultural Connections

Lesson 4.1:  First Peoples and Skeena Salmon (coming soon)