SkeenaWild is helping to make a difference.  

Action that Matters - SkeenaWild is focused on the effective use of science, laws and convening to empower communities to protect and strengthen vulnerable salmon populations and build sustainable communities

Here are the campaigns we have been working on:  

Skeena Estuary

Lelu Island and the adjacent underwater region known as Flora Bank lie at the mouth of the Skeena River, one of North America’s great salmon superhighways. Flora Bank contains the highest abundances of juvenile salmon (25 times more) compared with all other sampled habitat in the Skeena River estuary.

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At SkeenaWild we conduct and sponsor science and research about relevant ecological, economic and social issues. We catalyze and support planning processes which advocate for ecologic, economic and social sustainability and resiliency.

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Responsible Development

SkeenaWild has engaged in a proactive initiative which we hope will shift the current boom-and-bust mind frame in our community from needing large-scale resource extraction projects at any cost, to one which supports industrial development that maintains the values of our local communities.

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We collaborate with First Nations and conservation partners to develop and implement re-building plans, and reduce impacts on small vulnerable stocks. This includes conducting and sponsoring quality science and research relating to issues impacting the health and resilience of Skeena wild salmon and the habitat which they depend on. We catalyze, support and participate in planning processes which protect and strengthen vulnerable salmon populations and improve management decisions.

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Mining is a growing concern in the Skeena Watershed. Open pit coalmines have been proposed for the Upper Skeena (Groundhog / Atrum) and Telkwa watersheds (Teklwa Coal /Allegiance). An open pit copper / gold mine (Morrison Mine / Pacific Booker) has been proposed for the Babine watershed. These mines pose significant threats to salmon, steelhead due to potential Selenium, Nitrate and Sulphate contamination.This is the summary for the Mining issues page.

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Air Pollution

Coastal communities of northern BC have been inundated with proposed industrial development such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and oil refineries. Add to this, Rio Tinto Alcan's increased sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions (up to 42 tons per day) and a grim picture is painted for those suffering from cardiovascular disease or other breathing impairments such as asthma.

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Global climate change is well underway. Humanity has only about two to three decades to avoid the 1.5 – 2 degrees Celsius threshold and forestall runaway climate warming. Forest management plays a nearly unique role in climate change mitigation. In this report, renowned ecologist Jim Pojar lays out seven forest carbon myths, misconceptions or oversimplifications. He also provides a series of recommendations and potential solutions to help reach BC's climate targets through improved forest management.

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