Responsible Development

SkeenaWild's launced the Responsible Development initiative to help define what we feel responsible development looks like for the communities in the Skeena watershed and Northwest BC. Our goal is to engage in a proactive initiative which we hope will shift the current boom-and-bust mind frame in our community from needing large-scale resource extraction projects at any cost, to one which supports industrial development that maintains the values of our local communities. We intend to do this by setting strong criteria for assessing projects and promoting sound development (including mining, forestry, and energy projects), which meet these criteria.

First we need to better understand the current economic systems in our region, what drives them, and how the different sectors and economic conditions are affected. We have made significant progress on the research component. A detailed regional economic analysis is near completion and we have drafted a report on renewable energy opportunities. We are working on sustainable forestry and sustainable mining reports, and have gathered information on the regional tourism economy. We have also been researching value added / secondary manufacturing opportunities and examples of mining and forestry developments in our region that are acceptable and meet these criteria.

We have also taken advantage of an opportunity to connect with WDusk Group, a renewable energy company, who recently helped install the largest community solar project in BC, in Haida Gwaii.  We are committed to working with organziations like WDusk and NW BC First Nations to explore other potential renewable energy projects in our region.