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Protecting Habitat

We provide support, leadership, and education regarding industrial development that threatens the health, resilience, and diversity of wild salmon and their habitats. 

Babine Lake Sockeye

Babine Lake is the largest sockeye producing system in Canada, contributing millions of salmon to First Nations sustenance and commercial fisheries. Productivity has dropped in recent years and we are investigating concerns over spawning channel impacts on wild sockeye, as well as potential freshwater issues.

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First Nations Partnerships

Our partnerships with First Nations have helped strengthen stewardship of salmon ecosystems. We believe collaboration between First Nations, local communities and conservation groups is the best way to protect salmon.  We believe in creating benefits consistent with traditional values and economic systems.

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Habitat Monitoring and Cumulative Effects

Habitat monitoring and cumulative effects assessments are essential for understanding impacts from land use activities and climate change.  These assessments also help mitigate potential impacts from proposed development.


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