Greg Knox

Greg is our Executive Director and has been with SkeenaWild since it's birth in 2007.

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Julia Hill Sorochan

Julia is our Operations Manager and has been with SkeenaWild since it's birth in 2007.

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Gerald Amos 

Gerald is a member of the Haisla First Nation, which for thousands of years has made the Kitlope Valley of British Columbia its home. He served as Chief Councillor for the village from 1980 until 1992, helping lead the Haisla when they launched a campaign to resist commercial logging activities in the Greater Kitlope Ecosystem. The campaign was successful and led to the establishment of the Greater Kitlope Heritage Conservancy. Gerald has also served as the Director of Community Relations of the Headwaters Initiative, and an Indigenous advisor for SkeenaWild.



Kirby Muldoe

Kirby is our First Nations Coordinator. Both Tsimsian and Gitxsan, he is a member of the Fireweed Clan in the house of Wii Gyet, and his ancestral name is Hup Wil Lax A. His lifelong connection to the land and the animals, and the importance of protecting and defending them was nurtured by teachings from his grandparents, aunts and uncles. 

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Michael Price
As a Salmon Ecologist, PhD candidate, science advisor and published scientific author, Michael is a sought-after subject matter expert regarding threats to salmon stocks and ecosystems. His ongoing graduate research in the field is supported through a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Scholarship.
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Nita Back
Nita brings many years of experience in both environmental protection technology and education to her role as our Administrator and Bookkeeper.  She’s been with SkeenaWild since 2012. 
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Dan Mesac
Our SkeenaWild Communications Manager holds diplomas in photojournalism and advanced communications. Dan has partnered with a number of conservation organizations across B.C. to develop wildlife documentaries, and some of his numerous adventures in untamed places have been published as freelance articles both in print and online.
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