Salmon ecosystems like the Skeena watershed are the only systems in the world where nutrients flow from the ocean to the land.

In the Skeena, the ancient cycle continues, unbroken, for now.  Steelhead and all five species of wild salmon bring abundant marine-derived nutrients to feed a rich ecosystem for wildlife populations including grizzly and black bear, wolverine, wolf, moose, deer, mountain goat and wild birds. They also sustain human communities, some of which have been here for thousands of years.

The Skeena is one of North America’s last remaining intact watersheds.  It is at risk: there are more than $100 billion in industrial projects proposed for this region. To avoid the fate of other systems which have been dammed, polluted, over-fished and paved over, we need comprehensive strategies to protect our salmon ecosystem.

The SkeenaWild Conservation Trust is dedicated to making the Skeena River and nearby coastal communities a global model of sustainability.  We are working with governments, First Nations, communities and individuals to sustain the long-term health and resilience of the wild salmon ecosystem.


The Four Pillars of Our Focus are:

1.  Building a Global Model

2.  Protecting Habitat and Species

3.  Sustainable Fisheries Management

4.  Community Engagement