Meet Wendy Hadley, SkeenaWild Ambassador

Wendy Hadley is a local Real Estate Agent who is committed to the health and wellbeing of our region. She feels it’s important to give back to her community. Since starting at RE/MAX Coast Mountains in 2014 she has chosen SkeenaWild to be the recipient of 1% of her sales commissions. Both she and SkeenaWild are still happily continuing their partnership that was started 5 years ago. Wendy gives us insight into her life, the real estate market in Terrace, explains some of her concerns and what matters most to her.

SW:  What was your life like growing up in Terrace and the Skeena?

WH: In hindsight, it was wonderful! To this day, some of my very favorite people I’ve ever met grew up in Terrace. There was tons to do all year round; endless hiking, lots of lakes to cool down in, skiing, tobogganing… Of course, at the time I took it all for granted (as teenagers do) and thought, “it’s only ok here”. One of the simple pleasures about growing up in Terrace was walking to school and taking as many short cuts as possible on the trails that passed through the untouched treed properties in and around town. That was the 90’s though and today the residential landscape has traded some of it’s trails and trees for mountain views and homes.

SW:  You have traveled many exotic destinations in the world, what is your favorite place to visit and why?

WH:  Can I only pick one favorite?!?  Haha, ok this is a tough one…  I’m going to say Laos.  It might be partly because I went there after spending a month in the hustle and bustle of Vietnam but regardless Laos was amazing.  It was simple, beautiful, quiet, exciting and delicious!  I would go back in a heartbeat.

SW:  What drew you to the Real Estate industry and why did you decide to focus on this geographic region?

WH:  Two words: My Dad. I spent the first 12 years of my life after college in the field of veterinary medicine which I absolutely loved. In August 2013 I moved back to Terrace with my husband which was a move that would not facilitate the career I had built for myself. It was then I made the difficult choice of change. My Dad, an established realtor here in Terrace, stayed true to the 100% supportive best Dad ever reputation he has earned over the years with me and gave me the experience and insight into being a Realtor in Terrace and here I am.

SW:  What major changes have you witnessed in this region over the past decade and what influence do you think these changes have had on the housing market?

WH:  Since working in real estate I’ve seen two major swings in the market first hand since 2014. Both of which were due to industry speculation. The latest of the two started in September 2018 after the announcement of the LNG project in Kitimat. Practically overnight, market sales increased as well as sale prices. We saw multiple offers on homes as well as homes being sold after only days on the market. Looking back at the market stats since 2014 to now we see an upward trend. This is common for real estate in general. The average sale price for a house in Terrace was $302,340 in 2014. As of July 2019, our average price is at $388,760… I may have lost some readers with those last couple sentences but for those who are like me and like stats it’s actually pretty interesting. Stats and industry aside, very few people can argue that no matter what, people are still moving to our beautiful little Northwest corner of BC and happily calling it their home. That’s the thing about Terrace, because people are so proud to call it their own, industry is not our “be all end all”. It has come and gone, and come again, and Terrace just rolls with the punches, continuing to offer us a wonderful place to call home.

SW:  What would you say to someone who is curious about moving to this area but hesitant about it?

WH:  I’d want them to know what they’d be missing by not moving here and what Terrace and the Northwest can offer them that they won’t find anywhere else. The energy from our diverse community, mountains, waters, forest and clean air is an amazing thing for a persons’ well-being. Not only that, this environment offers us endless adventure and activity to keep our minds and bodies happy and healthy!

SW:  When you think about the future of this region, what concerns you most?

WH:  Easy one. The detrimental effect industry could have on the health of our environment and ourselves.  Having said that, I think as long as decisions are being made prioritizing health and sustainability then industry could do great things for the area.   

SW:  And what excites you most?

WH:  The power of change for the better!  It is an incredibly powerful feeling to be involved in a community that is able and willing to create change based on education and smart decisions that benefit the community both economically and enviornmentally.

SW: How have things changed in this regard?

WH:  It’s easy to feel discouraged about certain changes we’ve seen in Terrace over the last 5 years. For example, the last two fishing seasons (or lack thereof) have been a disappointment. Considering the big picture though, it’s important that some steps are being taken to ensure the best outcome for our future. Also, without the work spearheaded by SkeenaWild it’s quite possible that our fishing could have been closed years ago.

SW: 5 years into this partnership with SW, what has your experience been and what are some reflections on how your clients relate to this partnership or conservation in this region?

WH: My choice to give back to our community by donating to the efforts of SkeenaWild is just as satisfying for me as the day we started this partnership 5 years ago. Over the years I have had many opportunities to converse with people about SkeenaWild. Sometimes the conversation plays out as more of a question and answer type of information sharing for people who aren’t familiar with the efforts made by SW and sometimes it plays out as a simple high five because it’s no secret that SkeenaWild works hard to keep both the health of our environment and the health of our economy top priorities.

SW: Where do you find inspiration?

WH: So many places! Probably the first and foremost are the people I chose to surround myself with. It is astonishing how much inspiration comes from a persons personal community, be it loved ones, colleagues or acquaintances.

SW: What has your life been like since moving back to Terrace?

WH: The last 6 years in Terrace have been good to me! Family, friends, forests, rivers and clean fresh air do amazing things for one’s quality of life. My work is a very interesting part of my day-to-day life and I’m finding a good balance between it and my family life. My husband and I now have a 2.5-yearold and a 10-month-old which brings an incredible amount of joy to our days. It is now clear to me how wonderful of a place Terrace is to raise a family (good call Mom and Dad!).

SW: Lastly, where do you see yourself and your business in ten years?

WH: Are clichés allowed? I want to be outstanding at my job. I want to do the hard part so my clients can spend their time looking forward to the good things to come and feel confident that their best interests are my top priority! Buying or selling a home is huge undertaking and I am a firm believer that it should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. A special thanks to Wendy for taking the time to talk to us and for supporting our work. Her ongoing donations have helped fund on-the-ground projects that help to conserve and enhance wild salmon and steelhead populations. Contributions made by local and regional businesses play a crucial role in the continued operations of our organization.

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