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    SkeenaWild Watershed Discovery Camps

    If your child likes adventure and is eager to explore the natural world, check out our SkeenaWild EcoCamps at Spring Break 2021 and Summer 2021! Spring Break Camps Check back in January for more information on our Spring Break EcoCamp to take place in Terrace in March 2021 Summer Camps Check back in April for more information on our Summer EcoCamps to take place in July and August 2021 For more information & how to register Contact Christine Slanz, Education Coordinator: christine@skeenawild.org or call 250-638-0998 / 250-631-9045. Thanks to our sponsors:  Northwest Science & Innovation Society (NSIS), TD Friends of the Environment, and the Terrace Community Foundation. ...


    HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES AND EXPERIMENTS Smell Your Way Home Game Salmon have an incredible migration pattern, but which sense organs to salmon use to navigate back to their home stream? Get some first-hand experience what it’s like to sniff your way back to your natal stream! Soil Erosion Bottles This experiment / demonstration activity shows how unprotected soil on the edge of a stream can be washed away by rain, causing damage to the stream and salmon eggs. It also reveals how vegetation dependent on soil to survive can help protect it. Make a Watershed - Using simple materials like rocks, spray bottles, and cocoa powder, this activity illustrates...