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    Province Urged to Complete Grizzly Bear Project

    Nov. 23, 2020  TERRACE – A volunteer committee that keeps a watch on resource use and development within a large portion of northwestern B.C. is urging the provincial government to complete a project to fully map out critical grizzly bear habitat. Although a grizzly bear wildlife habitat area of 69,275 hectares was established in 2018, just half has been sufficiently mapped to date, says the Plan Implementation Committee created through the formation of the Kalum Land and Resource Management Plan. The plan area covers 2.1 million hectares of the northwest, stretching south of Kitimat and north of Terrace, taking in several timber supply areas and tree farm licences and contains large...

    When The Salmon Spoke

    When the Salmon Spoke, presented by Southeast Alaska Indigenous Transboundary Commission and Ping Chong + Company, in collaboration with SkeenaWild Conservation Trust and Salmon Beyond Borders, premiered online on May 31, 2020. Featuring captivating life stories from community members of the Stikine River, as well as cinematic imagery, indigenous music and visual art, this production connects coastal Tlingit and Haida communities and inland Tahltan communities of Alaska and British Columbia. When the Salmon Spoke is a part of Ping Chong + Company’s acclaimed “Undesirable Elements” series of community-specific documentary performances, adapted as a digital experience in the COVID-19 era. The production is led by Tis Peterman...

    Opportunities for Sustainable Forestry in Northwest BC: Report

    Northwest BC is fortunate to be endowed with extensive forest assets which have historically driven the regional economy. Cyclical booms and subsequent busts have been the norm. At the time this report was written, the forestry industry in northwest BC – and across the whole province – was in a downturn, as lack of timber, forest fires, and unstable markets challenged status quo business models. But Northwest BC is undergoing change, and recent events have galvanized communities to discuss how to move towards more resilient and sustainable communities. These discussions include how to develop northwest BC’s forestry industry in new and responsible ways that...