Top 5 Reasons to Support SkeenaWild

Five Big Reasons to Support SkeenaWild

1.  A Clear Focus on the Prosperity of Skeena Salmon:  We place Salmon and the Skeena Watershed at the heart of all we do; for the wellbeing of this rare and unique ecosystem, ourselves, our kids and our future.  Your support helps protect the full diversity of Skeena Wild Salmon and rebuild weak populations. 

2. A Rare and Unique Watershed:  We love our work, work for what we love and strive to make a positive impact in the Northwest region.  The Skeena Watershed is a spectacularly diverse ecology providing a range of rich habitats for plants, wildlife and fish.  It is our top priority to ensure a healthy Watershed for generations to come.

3. Our Work Encompasses Four Main Pillars:  Sustainable Fisheries, Protecting Habitat, Science and Research and Community Engagement.  We pride ourselves on the quality, transparency and innovation of our solutions and programs.  Donors can be rest assured that their dollars will go directly to support on-the-ground programs pertaining to these impact areas.

4. An Established, Accountable Organization:  We are nimble, efficient and seek progressive partnerships that promote healthy relationships rather than elicit competition.   With a track record of seven successful years, we strive to keep our expenses to a minimum and make each dollar count.

5. A  Regional Movement of Global Importance:   Our supporter base is strong and continues to steadily grow on local, provincial and national levels.  With the increasing number of industrial development projects ramping up in the Northwest region, our work helps to strengthen the knowledge-base in order to make more informed and sustainable decisions.

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