SkeenaWild Workshops

Life & Times of the Skeena Salmon (Gr. 3-7) – DFO currently doing this but we can complement this

  • Classroom Presentation (one hour)

My Home, My Watershed:  Our Connections to the Skeena Watershed (Gr. 3-7) – more of a social connection type of exercise)

  • Classroom Presentation (one hour)

Healthy Watershed, Healthy Salmon (Gr. 5-8)

  • Classroom Workshop (one hour)
    • Review of salmon lifecycle
    • Overview of watersheds, water quality measurements (turbidity, pH, dissolved oxygen, nutrients), scientific method (set hypotheses); soil erosion impacts on streambanks (use ‘soil erosion bottles’)
    • Science journals – how to describe observations (ie, vegetation along streambank, aquatic insects, types of vegetation, possible human and other impacts)
  • Field Trip to Howe Creek (1-2 hours)
    • Interpretive walk
    • Observations / science journals (ie, vegetation, insects, fish, banks, water quality measurements, etc.)
    • Water quality collection
  • Classroom Workshop (one hour)
    • Debrief of field trip
    • Science experiments: testing, analysis, conclusions
    • Testing of:  Howe Creek water, water taken from Skeena River, and other substances for pH testing (vinegar, baking soda and water, lemon juice, milk)

Climate Change and Skeena Salmon (Gr. 7-9)