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    We think everyday should be Earth Day!  But to celebrate in April, we partner with the Greater Terrace Beautification Society, the City of Terrace, the Steelhead Society of Northern BC and Plastics Free Terrace to host our annual Earth Day Garbathon.  This event takes place the first Sunday after Earth Day in Terrace.  People gather together to clean up our communities, trails and rivers. This all day event starts in the morning where we hand out supplies for people to pick up trash (sharps containers, gloves, bags, etc).  All trash gets dropped off at a central bin or gets taken directly to the landfill.  After the dirty work is done, we host a family friendly celebration at George Little Park in the park with BBQ, live music and door prizes.

    This year looked a bit different, but we knew we still had garbage to pick up, so we had a scaled down version of Garbathon…a COVID-version. Organizers decided to postpone the formal event until River’s Day this September.  We were encouraged to see lots of people out in their family units cleaning up their communities.  Check back in September for details about this year’s event!


    Location: Terrace, BC
    Date: Unknown
    Duration: Unknown
    type: open
    entrance: unlimited