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    SkeenaWild participates in Environmental Assessments on a range of proposed projects within the Skeena Watershed. We advocate for transparency, better public participation and independent science in conducting assessment work.
    The new BC EA came into effect in December 2019, however several supporting policies are still under development. SkeenaWild is working to implement the new EA Act across the region.

    Many of the projects currently under review in the region, like the Telkwa Coal project and the Vopak Pacific Canada project in Prince Rupert, are still being reviewed under the old EA Act.

    Vopak Pacific Canada – Bulk Liquid Storage and Export Facility, Ridley Island, Prince Rupert.

    Vopak Pacific Canada has proposed a project to ship diesel oil, methanol, gasoline and liquid propane to Prince Rupert by rail and export these products by tanker. This proposal is currently making its way through the environmental assessment process conducted by the Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA) and the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office (EAO).

    If approved, Vopak would increase shipments of dangerous goods through B.C.’s northern rail corridor (from the Alberta/ BC boarder to Prince Rupert) from the current 60 rail cars per day to 300 rail cars per day, as well as the number of Panamax tankers into Prince Rupert harbour from 30 per year to 150 per year.

    Another Prince Rupert proposal from Pembina Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) would add another 50 rail cars per day of liquefied petroleum gas. Concurrently, another propane export project is proposed for Kitimat (Pacific Traverse Energy), and has already received an export license but has not been fully approved yet.

    If the additional three export facilities are approved and built, the Northern BC rail corridor will be carrying up to 230 pressurized LPG/propane tank cars and 180 tank cars filled with petroleum liquids per day. These trains will travel through the hearts of our communities and along the banks of our wild salmon rivers, posing real risks to human safety and salmon health.

    To find out more visit the BC EPIC.

    Telkwa Coal Project – Metallurgical Open Pit Coal Mine, Telkwa BC.

    The Telkwa Coal project, also known as the Tenas Coal Project, is a proposed open pit coal mine just south of Telkwa BC, that would extract approximately 750,000 tonnes of metallurgical coal per year for an expected lifespan of 25 years.

    The draft application for the Telkwa Coal project was submitted in June 2020 and is currently being assessed by the BC Environmental Assessment Office.

    Although this assessment is still in the early stages, this project has major implications for salmon habitat, groundwater and the dwindling Telkwa Caribou herd.

    Find out more about the project and the EA process by visiting the BC EAO.

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