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    Responsible Development Initiative

    Innovative, adaptive and, diverse opportunities for responsible economic growth

    Responsible Development Initiative

    Investing in our future

    We’ve completed a regional economic analysis and several other research components which focus on mining, forestry, energy, tourism and value added / secondary manufacturing sectors. This research describes how these industries can take place using practices that protect functioning salmon ecosystems, provide examples of good practices / projects, and opportunities to expand responsible development in the region.

    We’ve reviewed existing findings on public views (Skeena 2050 by the numbers and in words, mining focus groups and polling) regarding development. This information provides insights and information on what people care about and how development should be done in the region. Overwhelmingly, residents of the Skeena want development, but want it done in a manner that protects our values – healthy communities, healthy salmon, clean water, clean air and a fair share of the benefits.

    SkeenaWild is connecting with groups in our communities to inspire, educate, and connect with our communities on these issues. This will help us better understand and advocate for the multitude of exciting and innovative community initiatives and projects already underway.

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