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    Salmon, Climate Change & What You Can Do About It

    Warming oceans, rivers, lakes, habitat loss and other pressures have Skeena wild salmon and steelhead in the crosshairs.Join SkeenaWild Executive Director, Greg Knox and Science Director Michael Price for an information session that will look at what impacts we are already seeing and experiencing in the Skeena watershed.

    It will also explore the changing conditions in our coastal waters and the North Pacific that have a large impact on how many fish return each year.The Skeena and its people are well positioned to adapt to these changes – a discussion on what we might see in future years and how we can adapt and give our fish the best possible chance to thrive into the future will be a key focus of the presentation.

    These challenging times call on all of us to step up and be part of the solution. Fishing is changing and we need to change with it. Are you in?

    Watch the presentation here: