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    Welcome to Skeenawild

    Classroom Workshops

    SkeenaWild is pleased to be offering FREE classroom workshops to all schools in communities in the Skeena Watershed.  These workshops are led by an experienced environmental educator and provide hands-on, interactive experiences that support the current BC curriculum. 

    Contact Christine Slanz, Education Program Coordinator at (250) 638-0998 or (250) 631-9045 or email christine@skeenawild.org to book a workshop.  Click here for a printable flyer.

    Fin’s Epic Journey: A Skeena Salmon Story

    (pre-K and Kindergarten) NEW  
    Students learn about the life cycle of Skeena Salmon, following the journey of Fin, his family and friends.  This workshop includes hands-on activities and artwork (1 hour).

    The Life & Times of Skeena Salmon

    (Grades 1-3)
    Students learn about the unique life cycle of Skeena Salmon, and discover what salmon need to survive and what makes healthy salmon habitat. Students also experience the obstacles salmon face during their migration through interactive activities. (1.5 hours)

    It’s a Bug’s Life: Know Your Skeena Aquatic Insects

    (Gr. 2-4) NEW
    Students will learn about aquatic insects and why they are no only a food source for baby salmon, but also why they are an important indicator species for water quality (45 min)

    The Skeena Estuary: Where the River Meets the Ocean

     (Gr. 3-7) NEW
    Students will learn exactly what an estuary is, how one is made, and why it’s important, particularly in relation to the Skeena River and the North Pacific Ocean. (45 min).

    My Watershed, My Home:  Discover the Skeena Watershed

    (Grades 3-7)
    Students will learn about watersheds, their features and their importance, particularly in relation to the Skeena Watershed and its sub-basins. Students will also explore their personal and cultural connections to the Skeena Watershed. (1.5 hours)

    Skeena Invaders: Invasive Species in the Skeena Watershed

    (Grades 3-9) NEW
    Students learn what invasive species are, how they happen and what their impacts are on local ecosystems.  Focus is on Skeena Watershed invasive species (45 min)

    Healthy Watershed, Healthy Salmon: Assessing Salmon Habitat

    (Gr. 5-9) 
    Students will learn about what makes for a healthy watershed, focusing on water quality testing and monitoring.  This workshop will prepare them for the field trip to a local stream in the spring (1.5 hours)

    Climate Change & Skeena Salmon

    (Grades 7-12)
    Students will learn how climate change is currently impacting the Skeena Watershed and its salmon, including changing conditions in our coastal waters and the North Pacfic. Students will also explore and discuss what we might see in future years and how we can adapt and give our salmon a chance. (1.5 hours)

    Consensus Decision-Making for Salmon in the Skeena Watershed

    (Gr. 7-12)
    Students use their critical thinking in a role-playing exercise by considering the different perspectives of various interest groups, and try to come to consensus on how to deal with the dwindling Skeena salmon while best meeting the needs of all the stakeholder groups represented.  Students will be introduced to decision-making, and will learn the value of cooperative decision-making (2 hours)