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    Support Ecstall River Monitoring Program

    This #givingtuesday (Nov.29), help SkeenaWild raise the funds needed to support the Ecstall Monitoring Program. Your donation to SkeenaWild will go directly to the new Ecstall River Monitoring Program, an initiative developed following the massive landslide in the Ecstall River.

    The Ecstall River is a large tributary to the lower Skeena River near Prince Rupert, supporting valuable chinook, sockeye, steelhead, coho, chum and pink salmon.

    On September 1st, a massive landslide wiped out the upper reaches of the Ecstall River Valley, potentially devastating critical salmon and steelhead habitat.

    While the initial assessment of the river indicates that the impacts from the slide may not be as severe as originally feared, much work is needed in the coming year to better understand the long-term impacts on this significant population of Skeena salmon and steelhead. We are collaborating with DFO, and local First Nations to develop and carry out this important work.

    Support this work by making a tax deductible donation to SkeenaWild this #GivingTuesday, Nov. 29th.

    Watch the video below for the latest update on the Ecstall slide.