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    SkeenaWild Film and Photo Festival


    SkeenaWild Film and Photo Festival

    SWFF is our cornerstone community outreach event where we showcase our local homegrown talent!  Each year SWFF continues to grow in submissions and participation at events in communities across BC. Open May 1, submit your photos and videos for this year’s contest. An independent panel of judges will select the final photos and videos for the festival which takes place in the fall.  All finalists will be part of the festival tour across the north where the festivalgoers vote on their favourites.   Visit the SWFF site  for details on the submission process, eligibility, categories, prizes, sponsorship and much more.

    Film Festival is in town! Come and join us Sept. 15th at Sherwood to view the film festival. Events details can be found here.

    Location: Terrace, BC
    Date: September 15, 2022
    Duration: 1 Day
    type: open
    entrance: unlimited