Farewell, Christine and Welcome Marie, Alice, and Kait!

We bid a fond farewell to our cherished team member, Christine Slanz, and warmly welcome our new colleagues, Marie, Alice, and Kait, who are joining our team to help carry out the critical work SkeenaWild does.


(L-R: Christine, Marie, Alice, Kait)

A Tribute to Christine

Since 2018, Christine has been an integral part of our team as our Education Manager. Her dedication and passion have been the driving force behind the immensely successful SkeenaWild Education Program. We designed this program to engage youth, teachers, and the broader community in exploring the natural world within the Skeena watershed to highlight the importance of salmon for our communities and ecosystems.


Under Christine’s guidance, the program blossomed into an incredible initiative that offered interactive, curriculum-based workshops and hands-on activities in the classroom and outdoor settings throughout the region. Thousands of students and educators have participated in these workshops, learning about salmon, watersheds, ecosystems, and climate change and ultimately becoming dedicated watershed stewards.


Christine’s leadership, vision, and tireless efforts have left an indelible mark on the Skeena watershed and the countless individuals who have benefited from her educational programs. As she embarks on a new chapter in her life, settling into a new town, we wish her all the best in her future endeavours. Her passion and commitment will continue to have a positive impact wherever she goes.

Welcoming Marie, Alice, and Kait

As we say goodbye to Christine, we are also excited to welcome three individuals to our team, each bringing their unique skills and expertise to further our mission.


Marie will be stepping into Christine’s shoes as our new Education Manager. With her background in education and a deep commitment to environmental stewardship, we are confident that she will carry on the legacy of the SkeenaWild Education Program and inspire future generations.


Alice is our new Communications Manager, bringing her expertise in storytelling and outreach to help us share our mission, work, and successes with the world. Her communication skills will be instrumental in raising awareness about the importance of protecting salmon and the Skeena watershed.


Kait is joining us as a Fisheries Biologist, bringing her vast knowledge and passion for aquatic ecosystems to our team. Her research, advocacy, and communications expertise will be invaluable in our ongoing efforts to conserve and protect the rich biodiversity of the Skeena watershed.


We are excited to have Marie, Alice, and Kait on board and look forward to achieving even greater milestones together.

Although it’s a sad farewell to Christine, we thank you for your incredible contributions, and we acknowledge that change is a natural part of growth and progress and are very excited to welcome Marie, Alice, and Kait to the next chapter of our journey together. We remain committed to our mission of safeguarding salmon and the Skeena watershed, and with this remarkable team, we believe we will do just that.


Here’s to a bright future filled with new successes and continued dedication to our cause!



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