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    The Skeena watershed is home to 60,000 people

    The Skeena watershed is one of the world’s last, large, intact wild salmon ecosystems that is also inhabited by a significant human population.

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    Over 80 per cent of Skeena residents interact with wild salmon

    Skeena salmon and steelhead are a major economic driver in the region, generating more than $100 million annually into the local economy.

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    Stand for the Skeena Stand for our Salmon Stand for the Skeena Stand for our Salmon

    Estuary Protection

    All Skeena salmon and Steelhead rely on the health of the Skeena estuary and we work to ensure it is healthy. Particularly important is Flora Bank, an area that contains the highest abundances of juvenile salmon (25 times more) compared with all other sampled habitats in the Skeena River estuary.

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    Responsible Development

    SkeenaWild has engaged in a proactive initiative which we hope will shift the current boom-and-bust mind frame to one which supports industrial development that maintains the values of our local communities.

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    Climate Change & Fisheries

    Warming oceans and rivers, habitat loss and other pressures have Skeena wild salmon and steelhead in the crosshairs. These challenging times call on all of us to step up and be part of the solution.

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    Mining Reform

    Mining is a growing concern in the Skeena Watershed. Open pit mines pose significant threats to salmon and steelhead due to potential contamination by selenium, nitrate, sulphate, copper, and other heavy metals.

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    Science & Research

    SkeenaWild engages in rigorous and applied scientific research on salmon ecosystems. In addition to ongoing fisheries and Wild Salmon Policy related research.

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    Forestry & Land Use Planning

    Our long-term goal is to move from outdated forestry practices and land use plans that do not protect functioning habitats to detailed indigenous-led ecosystem-based land use plans that protect culture, wildlife, ecosystems and local economies.

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    Environmental Assessment

    SkeenaWild participates in environmental assessments for projects which may negatively impact salmon, their habitats and the communities who depend on them. We bring knowledge, expertise and the best available science to inform these decisions.

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    The complexity, diversity and resilience of the Skeena and its people provide us a unique opportunity to do what needs to be done, to protect these fish and the communities and people that depend on them.

    Greg Knox, SkeenaWild Executive Director


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