Have Your Say: BC's Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Framework.

The BC government wants feedback on the recently released draft Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Framework.

Why should we care?

The health and well-being of our salmon populations depend on the health and well-being of our forests and ecosystems for things like regulating temperature, flow, filtration, reducing impacts from major weather events, and reducing disease. The B.C. government states it is committed to protecting and conserving the province’s biodiversity and ecosystem health, so let’s hold them accountable.

Why should we speak up?

This framework is a promising opportunity that could help shape important laws that will defend the conservation of salmon habitat for years to come. Let’s not miss the opportunity to help make sure that new laws do a good job of protecting the things we all care about.

How to speak up?

Send your comments before January 31st, 2024, to the email address:  [email protected].

If you need help with your submission, check out the West Coast Environmental Law website, which breaks down the details. 

Be a part of the solution and stand up for B.C. wild salmon and old-growth forests.

SkeenaWild's Submission

As an organization dedicated to the health and resilience of wild salmon, our feedback is primarily through a salmon lens. Salmon health – and more specifically salmon habitat health – can be a powerful indicator of overall ecosystem health. 

This federally managed species is greatly impacted by provincial policy, legislation land use decisions, yet salmon are not mentioned once in the framework. This glaring omission must be addressed. Maintaining salmon habitat will enrich the health of our communities, cultures, and economies – all of which are foundational and aligned with the principles set forth in the framework.

In our submission we propose ways to improve the robustness of this framework and to help assure its successful implementation, you can read our submission below: