Stories and news to celebrate salmon in the Skeena watershed


Event: Quantum Leaps – Girls talk Science & Tech!

This conference is a unique opportunity for young women to learn, engage, and be empowered to pursue their passions in science and technology. Whether you’re considering a career in healthcare, environmental science, or tech, you’ll find inspiration and guidance from our panelists and fellow attendees.


Salmon, The Masters of Adaptation

SkeenaWild’s Director of Science Dr. Michael Price’s latest research with Simon Fraser University goes back in time to look at how salmon have been adapting to our changing climate, and why there’s hope for Skeena salmon.


Upstream Podcast​

UpStream will explore the people, culture, science and, of course, the salmon, from all across The Skeena Watershed.

The Skeena is one of North America’s last remaining intact watersheds where Humans and salmon co-exist.