Current Campaigns

Why Salmon?

Together, we defend wild salmon, steelhead, and their habitats to ensure their long-term health and resilience, which are crucial to the Skeena region’s diverse cultures, economies, and ecosystems. 

Our goal is to preserve the Skeena watershed for our families and future generations, taking a scientific, educated, and collaborative approach.

While many wild salmon systems have suffered from pollution, overfishing, and habitat loss, the Skeena region offers hope for people and salmon to coexist.

A Balancing Act

Our natural resources are essential for our livelihoods, but it’s crucial to approach resource extraction responsibly, ensuring that future generations have opportunities. It’s simple – we support responsible development, whether it be mining, forestry, fisheries, or energy, that does not put salmon and communities at risk. This is done by using good science to assess impacts and provide solutions.


Defending wild landscapes and wild salmon requires community engagement, education, and action. Together, we can create a sustainable future where the Skeena River remains a gathering place for years to come.

Current Campaigns:

On top of our important day-to-day efforts to educate, rebuild weak salmon populations, conduct important scientific research, improve policy, legislation, and proposed projects, we’re also putting extra effort into specific campaigns to help ensure that salmon are here for the long haul.

Alaska's Dirty Secret

Fisheries in Alaska are scooping up Canadian salmon before they reach their home rivers to spawn. Meanwhile, B.C.'s salmon and steelhead have hit record lows.

NW BC Conservation Lands Quietly Removed

Between 2019 and 2020, the provincial government cancelled over 1.35 million acres (nearly double the size of Metro Vancouver) of land designated under the Provincial Land Act for conservation and recreational use in northwest B.C. that residents hold dear, putting valued salmon habitat at risk.