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    Get Involved

    Connect with us, with your community, with the world.

    People have gathered to celebrate and enjoy wild salmon in the Skeena for millennia. We share unique responsibilities as inhabitants of the worldโ€™s last remaining and most diverse wild salmon ecosystem. ย Our communities are connected by salmon.

    We believe in the power of community to educate, define our roles, and lead us forward to create a global model for human and salmon interaction, sustainability and coexistence. Your participation can be wide and deep or short and focused. Whatever works for you, we invite you to join us.

    Become part of the solution

    Join our digital community and take action! We will keep you informed of our programs and how you can become part of the solution.

    You can also make a tax deductible contribution to SkeenaWild, shop our cool merchandise, or become an Ambassador. Sign up and give us a shout.

    Help protect the Skeena Watershed by volunteering with the Skeena Salmon Stewardship Squad (aka The Skeena Squad) today!

    Volunteers are extremely important to SkeenaWild, and we are incredibly grateful to have so many individuals who support our organization by donating their time with us.ย  If you are passionate about environmental stewardship, we have a volunteer opportunity perfect for you!ย  Just fill out the volunteer form on the right.

    As a member of the The Skeena Squad, you will:

    • Learn about local ecology and the important role of conservation and stewardship in the Skeena Watershed
    • Be an active environmental steward in your own backyard
    • Contribute directly to long-term habitat conservation and enhancement projects
    • Grow your skills and meet other like-minded volunteers in your community


    (250) 638-0998



    And please, don’t forget to follow us and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Watch and share our videos.

    Get involved in local conservation efforts

    Donate to groups working on wild salmon issues.


    Attend local events.

    See our events

    Join us for Salmon Sundays!

    Join the Skeena Squad and our local partners on the last Sunday of every month to get outdoors and restore and enhance salmon habitat through hands-on volunteer activities such as:

    • Invasive species control
    • Salmon spawner surveys
    • Water quality monitoring
    • Seed collection
    • Tree planting
    • Stream cleanup
    • Trail maintenance
    • Storm Drain Painting
    • Other conservation and restoration activities

    Upcoming Salmon Sunday Events

    March 28 – Skeena River Bank Clean Up (east of Walmart parking lot, Terrace)
    April 25 – Earth Day Garbathon Clean Up of Skeena River Bank (between new and old bridges, Terrace)
    May 30 – Removal of Invasive Plants at Howe Creek (Terrace)
    June 27 – Yellow Fish Storm Drain Painting (Terrace)
    July 25 – Stranded Salmon Fry Rescue (Terrace)
    August 29 – Removal of Invasive Plants at Lakelse Lake (Terrace)

    Use your voice

    • ย  Share information with friends & neighbours.
    • ย  Be a voice for salmon.

    Educate yourself

    • Stay updated on in-season returns by visiting Tyee Test fishery or using the SkeenaWild Fishing App.
    • Adapt and base your fishing plans to target only on those species & populations doing well.
    • Watch and share videos like these:

    2021 forecast

    2020 forecast

    2019 post season review

    Sign up to Volunteer!

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    • These could include medical conditions, sensitivity to poison ivy, allergy to bee stings, sensitivity to sen, inability to carry equipment over long distances, etc.
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