School Workshops 2023/2024

Take out all and write: SkeenaWild is pleased to announce that we will resume our FREE classroom workshops to all schools in communities in the Skeena Watershed in the new year. These workshops are led by an experienced environmental educator and provide hands-on, interactive experiences that support the current BC curriculum. Programs can be delivered in a classroom or outdoor setting, or virtually. Stay tuned for mor  information.


Feel free to reach out to us anytime to talk about workshop ideas. We love collaborating!


Marie Blouin,

Education Programs Manager

[email protected]

The Life & Times of Skeena Salmon

Students learn about the unique life cycle of Skeena Salmon, and discover what salmon need to survive and what makes healthy salmon habitat. Students also experience the obstacles salmon face during their migration through interactive activities. (1.5 hours)

Contact Marie Blouin, Education Programs Manager [email protected] to book a workshop.  You can also fill out the form below.

Healthy Watershed, Healthy Salmon

Students will learn about water quality testing and aquatic macroinvertebrate surveys in a classroom or school yard setting (1.5 hours)

NEW! Explore Your Watershed

Students take part in two classroom sessions and a full-day field trip to increase their knowledge and awareness of their watersheds and water-related issues in their communities. Student Action Projects are an encouraged outcome to connect with community-based water groups and water stewardship opportunities in the community, providing hands-on, practical ways to look after our precious water resources.

Climate Change & Skeena Salmon

Students will learn how climate change is currently impacting the Skeena Watershed and its salmon, including changing conditions in our coastal waters and the North Pacfic. Students will also explore and discuss what we might see in future years and how we can adapt and give our salmon a chance. (1.5 hours)

Stream Explorations (Outdoor Field Experience at Local Water Body – May and June 2023

Students will participate in an education experience at a local river or stream and will collect and analyze information on water quality and aquatic insects. Pre-and post workshops and activities will complement their outdoor experience. (1 hour each workshop and half-day at a stream

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