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    Invisible Migration

    Invisible Migration

    Every spring, hundreds of millions of tiny wild baby salmon smolts set out on their incredible journey from the rivers and streams where they were born down to the ocean where they will grow into adults. . They swim as far as 600 kilometres down the brown, swirling waters of the Skeena River to the nutrient-rich and fertile nursery of the estuary –  where the freshwater meets the saltwater. Only a small percentage survive to return home to rivers of their birth. Celebrate this phenomenon at events in communities throughout the Skeena Watershed.  


    Invisible Migration – The Journey of Baby Skeena Salmon from SWCC on Vimeo.


    Due to COVID-19, 2020 celebrations were cancelled, but we put together this little video. 

    Mark your calendars as this event takes place each fall in Smithers, BC.

    Location: Smithers, BC
    Date: Unknown
    Duration: Unknown
    open: In the fall
    entrance: unlimited