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    Lesson Plans

    SkeenaWild has developed several lesson plans which adhere to the tenets of British Columbia’s new curriculum standards – they are inquiry-based, place-based, promote experiential learning, provide descriptions of hands-on activities, and incorporate local Indigenous perspectives. These lesson plans provide educators with relevant background information, key definitions, suggested activities, and links to additional resources. detailed field journals, lost for decades, now reveal today’s salmon stocks are in dramatically worse shape than imagined.

    Unit 1:  Skeena Salmon

    Lesson 1.1:  The Life & Times of Skeena Salmon
    Lesson 1.2:  Skeena Salmon Species

    Unit 2:  Exploring the Skeena Watershed

    Lesson 2.1:  What is a Watershed?
    Lesson 2.2:  My Watershed, My Home: Discover the Skeena Watershed
    Lesson 2.3:  Healthy Watershed, Healthy Salmon: Assessing Salmon Habitat (coming soon)

    Unit 3:  Salmon Struggles: Impacts, Threats and Solutions

    Lesson 3.1:  Climate Change & Skeena Salmon (coming soon)
    Lesson 3.2:  Consensus Decision Making: The Lakelse Sockeye Case Study

    Unit 4:  Cultural Connections

    Lesson 4.1:  First Peoples and Skeena Salmon (coming soon)