UpStream Episode 5: The Babine


The Babine River is one of the most iconic rivers in Northwest BC. It isn’t a particularly long river, at just over 97 km in length, but it contains the stories of legends.

It cannot be over stated how important the Babine system is to the overall health of the Skeena Watershed and especially Skeena sockeye. As mentioned, more than 90 percent of Skeena sockeye begin their life in Babine Lake, one of the largest populations of sockeye throughout the Skeena Watershed.

But despite its prominence and mystic as a major salmon barring river, the Babine is under constant pressures from climate change, logging and derelict mines. Perhaps that’s why people like Donna Macintyre, a member of Lake Babine Nation and the head of the LBN Fisheries Program, and Billy Labonte, co-owner and guide of the Babine Norlakes Steelhead Lodge are dedicated to ensuring the survival and protection of one of the most celebrated salmon rivers in the Skeena Watershed.