UpStream S2 Ep. 1: Morice Smolts


For the past couple of seasons, a Wet’suwet’en fisheries camp at Morice Lake has been developed to support the ongoing smolt trapping program to better understand salmon productivity in the lake, also known as Wedzin Bin.

This project is also part of a larger effort to rebuild sockeye salmon populations within Wet’suwet’en territory, specifically Morice sockeye which have seen a dramatic drop in numbers over the last 50 years.

SkeenaWild Director of Science and salmon biologist, Dr. Micheal Price as well as Brian Mitchell from Wet’suwet’en Fisheries, and Tieasha Pierre with the Natural Resources Department at the Office of the Wet’suwet’en, showed me how they conduct research and collect data from tiny sockeye smolts headed for the ocean. A meticulously executed task with fish barely the size of your finger.