UpStream S2 Ep. 2: Salmon Education


SkeenaWild’s education program has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. When it first started, teachers and students were hard pressed to find local educators willing and able to teach students at multiple levels about the salmon life cycle, the importance of intact watersheds and what we as citizens, young and old, can do in our everyday lives to help salmon have a fighting chance for the future.

Christine Slanz changed all that. In her time as the SkeenaWild Education Coordinator she has developed a full curriculum accessible to all teachers, workshops on stream health, salmon ecology and outdoor education camps that get kids connected to their community and surrounding environments.

The program is all about interactive education, getting students and others in the community out into our local watersheds not only to learn but to take action in a variety of ways including trying to rid our local waterways of invasive plant species that can choke out water flows and make it hard for salmon to survive.