Sima Festival 2024: Wintering Together

Join Us for SkeenaWild Film Fest 'Best of the Fest' Sima Edition and Eco-Explorer Workshop

The Sima Festival, now in its second year, is a grassroots, crowdfunded event organized by and for our vibrant local community. The organizers, Outdoor Artist Collective started the festival after observing winter getting shorter and  warmer. Coming from a desire to challenge the image of environmental activism and move away from eco-anxious narratives Sima’s objective is to offer tangible ways to cultivate love and respect for this disappearing season, motivating the need for social changes to promote and honor it. Reconnecting with winter as a time to slow-down and reflect, gather and partake, cozy-up and create, they believe a winter celebration is a relevant starting point to enter in conversation with the environment.

SkeenaWild are proud to collaborate at this year’s Sima festival on two events; Beyond The Slopes and Eco-Explorer Workshop.

Beyond The Slopes

On Friday, January 26, 2024 as part of the ‘Beyond The Slopes’ event we are presenting SkeenaWild Film Festival (SWFF) 2023 youth and short film winners along with international films specially selected for Sima by International Freesports Film Festival (IF3) , plus beautiful and inspiring First Nation films selected for Sima by Wapikoni Mobile and the Terrace Premiere of “Adrien Grabinski – The Best Skier You’ve Never Heard Of” featuring local skier Adrien Grabinski and produced by Stellar Equipment (Mattias Fredriksson & Marcus Ahlström).

This night blends the excitement of ski adventures with the heartwarming stories of First Nation films, celebrating our connection to the land and winter. Whether you’re a ski enthusiast or just love a good story, this event is for you. Immerse yourself in the beauty of snowy landscapes and the rich cultures that call them home. It’s a night of thrills, traditions, and community.

Friday January 26, 7 pm – 10 pm @ REM Lee Theatre

All welcome


$20 – Regular ticket
$13 – Youth & Student ticket

Buy tickets here

Eco-Explorer Workshop

Embark on a day of family fun and discovery with SkeenaWild’s Education Manager Marie Blouin at Ferry Island on Saturday January 27th. This free event invites you to delve into the secrets of the watershed though games and workshops while exploring the art of outdoor photography. 

Meet us at the Fisherman’s parking lot beside the pavilion, where signs will guide you for easy directions. It’s an opportunity to not only enjoy the serene beauty of Ferry Island but also to gain insights into outdoor photography guided by professional photographer Yan Kaczynski.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or a budding photographer, this event promises a blend of education and enjoyment. Join us, capture the essence of the outdoors, and create lasting memories with SkeenaWild!

Bring your camera or a phone, and dress for the weather. 

Saturday January 27, 2024
12:30 pm – 2:30 pm @ Ferry Island, Terrace.
Meet at Fisherman’s parking lot, no ticket required. 

Free / All welcome

More information here.

PC: Brooklyn Desousa - 2023 SWFF Youth Photo Finalist