The SkeenaWild Film & Photo Festival is coming to Terrace! Saturday, November 18th @ Sherwood Moutain Brewery

SkeenaWild is thrilled to host the 12th annual Film & Photo Festival in Terrace on November 18, 2023, at Sherwood. 

You can find the list of finalists, tickets and information on this page.


After the events, the link to vote for your favourite films and photos will open. 

Film Finalists

Photo Finalists


A Vertical World – Yan Kaczynski

Any Friday In My Town / All For The Kids – Mike Tilson

National Truth & Reconciliation – Kermode Friendship Society

Skeena Sunrise – Max Erwin

Slow Mow Snow Dog – Jeff Rushton 

The Fire Inside Levi – Kelly Marsh

The Fosch Project – Stefan Rath

Tidal Rapids Expedition, Finding New Tidal Waves – Yota Kano

Unencumbered – Peta Murray/Passage Media 

A Hot Sunny Day in Terrace – Natou Kurtz

Don’t Forget To Look Down – Amanda Stella

Flowstate – Fionn Graf

Why I Love The Northwest – Derek Flynn


Midsummer Adventure 2023 – Julian Krick

Shames Mountain: Powered By Community – Tristan Walker

Babine River: A Natural Wonder – Marcus Kilb


A Dog’s Dream of the Skeena – Brooklyn Desousa

Peaceful Views From My Porch – Corwin Northcott


Kitselas Totems At Night and The Approaching Aurora Borealis – Kelly Marsh 

Memories on the Skeena, North Pacific Cannery National Historic Site – Heather Dudoward
Distracted – Richard Eckert

After Work Lap in the Bulkley Valley – Rory Lepage

A Frigid Morning Along the Skeena River – Jeanine Philippe


Enclosed Into a Vertical World – Yan Kaczynski
Head To Toe – Emma Stephens

Jumping Around on Rocks – Hugo Gervais

Ridgetop Navigation, Fog vs. Sun – Thomas Everett

Up on the Swing on Terrace Mountain – Hugo Gervais


Blackened Flight – Karina Dracott

Breaking Down – Jeanine Philippe
In The Long Grass III – Richard Eckert

Raven – Aaron Geeraert

The Eagle Has Landed – Grant Watson


Into the Void – Kai Jazen 

Prayer Flags in the Wind – Kai Jazen 

Frosted Tips, the B.C. Edition – Kai Jazen 

Dock Sunset at Fort Saint James – Leif Bourrie

Sockeye Creek – Brooklyn Desousa

Please note that the Terrace showing is the only one hosted by us. There will be showings in other communities, but other local community groups host them, and ticket sales are organized and sold through them.


Nov 9:

Kitimat hosted by Kitimat General Hospital Foundation @ Two Peaks Brewing
Tickets here or at Two Peaks Brewing.


Haida Gwaii hosted by Laskeek Bay Conservation Society @ Skidegate Small Hall. Tickets at Causeway DG or at the door.

Nov 15:

Smithers hosted by What Matters In Our Valley @ Smithers Brewing Co.
Tickets here.


Dec 4:

Prince Rupert will be hosted by Northcoast MBA. The location is to be confirmed.

A huge thank you to our sponsors who made this festival possible:

Visit Terrace Nature’s Pantry,  CFNR Network, Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse Ltd.,  Wendy Hadley PREC – REMAX Coast Mountains, Unbound Gear & Apparel, The Fix Cafe and Cyclery, Wild Bike and Aquabatics Smithers


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