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    Welcome to Skeenawild

    Pop Up Nature Science!

    Join SkeenaWild environmental educators as they 'pop up' in a variety of wild spaces during July and August! These 2 hour FREE experiences are targeted at kids ages 5 to 13 years, and will include demonstrations and hands-on activities that explore our natural world. Follow SkeenaWild Conservation Trust on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on the dates, times and locations of our pop-up camps! Please note: parental supervision required Upcoming Pop-Ups: Skeena Valley Farmers' Market - Saturday, July 10 (10 am to 1 pm)Waterlily Bay Resort - Thursday, July 29 (1 to 3 pm)Kleanza Creek Provincial Park - Friday, July...

    New: The Dirty Dozen Mining Report

    Increasingly, British Columbia’s mining regulators are promoting the province as a responsible jurisdiction for mining investment. As we transition to a low carbon future, supply chains and investors are demanding better mining practices for sourced materials. Indeed, protecting environmental and social values and respecting Indigenous rights is essential if B.C. hopes to participate as a leader in the shift to a greener future. Read the full report and watch the video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FP4kjDG9pWg ...

    Century-long Decline in Skeena Sockeye Diversity

    New Study Finds Skeena Sockeye Diversity Has Declined by 70% Over the Last Century SkeenaWild Conservation Trust Science Director and Simon Fraser University PhD candidate Michael Price outlines major declines in Skeena sockeye salmon diversity over the last century. The total number of wild sockeye returning to the Skeena River during the modern era is 69% lower than during the historical era; all wild populations have declined, several by more than 90%. However, enhancement of a single population has offset declines in wild populations such that aggregate abundances now are similar to historical levels. Read the full report & watch video below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zR4y0quM50c ...

    Ongoing Legacy of Metal Mine Impacts on Babine Lake

    Report Finds Contamination and Monitoring Issues at Closed Babine Lake Mines January 26, 2021, Terrace BCA new report released today by researchers with SkeenaWild Conservation Trust in partnership with the Lake Babine Nation outlines major deficiencies in government regulations and monitoring, and impacts to the aquatic community of Babine Lake, related to two decommissioned metal mines. Babine Lake, situated in the Skeena River watershed, produces ~ 90% of Skeena sockeye salmon, and carries great significance to Lake Babine Nation. Bell and Granisle mines, which closed in 1992 and 1982, respectively, were both linked to negative aquatic impacts in the lake while they were operational. The...