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    Century-long Decline in Skeena Sockeye Diversity

    New Study Finds Skeena Sockeye Diversity Has Declined by 70% Over the Last Century SkeenaWild Conservation Trust Science Director and Simon Fraser University PhD candidate Michael Price outlines major declines in Skeena sockeye salmon diversity over the last century. The total number of wild sockeye returning to the Skeena River during the modern era is 69% lower than during the historical era; all wild populations have declined, several by more than 90%. However, enhancement of a single population has offset declines in wild populations such that aggregate abundances now are similar to historical levels. Read the full report & watch video below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zR4y0quM50c ...


    HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES AND EXPERIMENTS Smell Your Way Home Game Salmon have an incredible migration pattern, but which sense organs to salmon use to navigate back to their home stream? Get some first-hand experience what it’s like to sniff your way back to your natal stream! Soil Erosion Bottles This experiment / demonstration activity shows how unprotected soil on the edge of a stream can be washed away by rain, causing damage to the stream and salmon eggs. It also reveals how vegetation dependent on soil to survive can help protect it. Make a Watershed - Using simple materials like rocks, spray bottles, and cocoa powder, this activity illustrates...

    Opportunities for Sustainable Forestry in Northwest BC: Report

    Northwest BC is fortunate to be endowed with extensive forest assets which have historically driven the regional economy. Cyclical booms and subsequent busts have been the norm. At the time this report was written, the forestry industry in northwest BC – and across the whole province – was in a downturn, as lack of timber, forest fires, and unstable markets challenged status quo business models. But Northwest BC is undergoing change, and recent events have galvanized communities to discuss how to move towards more resilient and sustainable communities. These discussions include how to develop northwest BC’s forestry industry in new and responsible ways that...